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Tu Haina - Bawari Basanti

Tu Haina is a song that Bawari Basanti wrote for her long distance best friend.

If you're missing your friend, but haven't picked up the phone to speak to them in a while, then you can send them this song first. Pyar do, pyar lo.

The "Tu Haina" NFT comes with HQ files of the track,

and the following unlockable perks :

1) Holders of this NFT get a FREE exclusive "Tu Haina" t-shirt
2) Access to all of Bawari's pre-release listening parties in 2023
3) Access to one free vocal riyaz session with BawariBasanti
4) Early bird access to stream her next audio/music video release


Mahima Dayal Mathur, professionally known as Bawari Basanti बावरी बसन्ती is a storyteller from India, who makes music based on conversations she has with beings of all shapes and sizes.

They speak about what it means to be them, while uncovering/learning philosophies and perspectives with each new conversation. She finds that the only way to find her way back home or maybe a new home away from home is to look within, and ‘ask the right questions’.

"These are stories from conversation and desires, found and felt in this dystopian reality. Each conversation has a different impact on my sound, and that brings me closer to my centre. 

A piece of a larger puzzle that is slowly starting to

come together", says Basanti.

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About "Bawari Basanti"

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